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AGENDA Co., Ltd. is an IT company based in Sapporo, Japan. It specializes in "digital creation," including the development of enterprise systems and consumer-oriented products. We were involved in renewing their corporate logo in 2021 and later in the renewal of their recruitment website in 2022.

From the starting point of Recruiting = The Company's Brand and Culture, we organized three points to emphasize:
1: Realistically communicating "The Company's Vision and Journey"
2: Highlighting unique "Job Appeal"
3: Showcasing the distinctive qualities of AGENDA's "People and The Overall Atmosphere"

We believed that what resonates with job seekers is not generic recruitment information, but content that lets them envision a future where they can be involved.

We proposed AGENDA TIMES RECRUITING as an owned media recruitment website, based on the approach of editing and presenting media that would help people to deeply understand the company. This goes beyond being a mere recruitment site, focusing on "grasping the company's current state" and "unveiling its deeper aspects".


We began the production process through interviews with several employees. Our initial focus was to grasp AGENDA's “Current Situation”. This involved understanding what employees are thinking about in order to propose better products, the challenges they tackle beyond their designated roles, the aspirations of fourth-year employees for their future within the company, and what they really find interesting in the development process. From the information collected during these interviews, we selected episodes that highlight the authentic and new aspects of the company, which we then edited as content. We thought it is crucial to show how AGENDA is always changing, and this message is something we put significant effort into sharing.


We created content with a focus on video, placing importance on the realism of who is talking and what they are talking about. We created two types of video content: "one-minute" light content that is easy to digest and helps viewers to understand the company, and full-length videos that can be used not only on the recruitment website but also as a multifaceted tool to communicate about the company. We edited the videos so that they capture the same speaker from two directions.



The main page design is structured in a way that directs visitors to the latest content. We designed the page to allow the categorization of content through the use of hashtags (#), which encapsulate the content in a phrase and show the relationships between different contents.
Drawing inspiration from the connections between various departments and members that emerged from interviews, we have reflected these connections in the design.

We have implemented an update system that allows AGENDA to add, edit, and manage all video and text-based content after the website's launch.


The recruitment website was launched in November 2022, and from January to March following its launch, the website saw an average increase of about 1.3 times in terms of site visits. The number of applicants also increased by approximately 1.5 times compared to the previous year. We received feedback from AGENDA that indicating that it was apparent from interviews and application documents that many applicants expressing alignment with the company's vision.


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