2023.05.08 PROJECT


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Makers' Base is a large shared workshop located in Tokyo. This marks its second site renewal since the website's update in 2015.

The purpose of this renewal is to enhance the function of Makers' Base as a service provider for corporations, in addition to its existing offerings as a shared workshop for personal use and a place to experience making things.

In order to shift the image of Makers' Base from a shared workshop used by young individuals and creators, to a smart digital design workshop, we designed with the direction of illustration that visualizes a sense of security, stability, and expectations.

From Makers' Base's professional equipment as well as the knowledge and experience of its specialized staff to prototype creation, make-to-order productions, and proposals of production methods that combine materials and techniques, we thought about how to convey Makers’ Base’s value, "Your Original Partner" (= Makers' Base as a partner for realizing original ideas), through the website.

We aimed to create a design that effectively communicates the services offered and creates touchpoints with users to expand Makers’ Base’s user base.


従来のサービスを「個人向けサービス(For PERSONAL)」、新しく強化するサービスを「法人向けサービス(For BUSINESS)」とし、今までの利用形態はそのままに、新しい受け手に向けてサービスを伝えていきます。

The existing service is referred to as "For PERSONAL" while the newly enhanced service is named "For BUSINESS." This approach will enable Makers' Base to communicate its services to a new audience while maintaining the existing usage pattern.

Website Architecture

個人サービスの利用予約をする、法人サービスを検討する、運営会社や全体を知るなど、ユーザーに対し必要な要素から設計。TOP・For PERSONAL・For BUSINESSの3つがそれぞれTOPページのような機能を持つ発信の軸として計画しました。

We began the design process by identifying the essential elements for users, including the ability to make reservations for individual services, consider corporate services, and learn about Makers' Base’s operations and overall business. To achieve this, we devised three transmission axes: "Main Page", "For PERSONAL", and "For BUSINESS", each of which can also function as a standalone webpage.

Idea Movies

個人利用するクリエイターやワークショップ参加者、そして法人利用を検討するビジネスマンたちに向けての共通コンテンツとして、Makers’ Baseの機材や技術を掛け合わせてできる「セミオーダーメイド」の魅力をアイデア動画で発信します。動画の企画、撮影から編集までサポートしています。

As a shared content for individual creators, workshop participants, and business people who are considering corporate use, a series of videos are created to promote the appeal of "Semi-Made-to-Order" using Makers' Base's equipment and technology. We supported them throughout the process of video planning, shooting, and editing.

Illustration Style

Makers' Baseが提供する多様なサービスをビジュアライズするため、ブランドのアイデンティティに基づいたイラストレーションを開発しました。大切にしたのは、落ち着きと信頼感を生み出すことです。たとえ性別、体型、ポーズが異なるキャラクターでも、色使いや線の太さに一貫性をつくり、イラストレーションとしての統一感を持たせています。デジタル空間(WEB)におけるMakers' Baseのユーザーの体験をより豊かにするため、イラストに少し魔法(モーションデザイン)をかけてみました!

Based on the brand identity, we have created a series of illustrations to showcase the diverse range of services available at Makers' Base. Our main focus was to instill a feeling of serenity and reliability in the character designs. To achieve this, we developed an illustration system that maintains consistency in the use of colors and line thickness, despite the variations in gender, body shapes, and poses of the characters. This has helped to create a sense of coherence and harmony throughout the designs. Additionally, to enhance the user's experience on the website, we incorporated motion design to add a touch of magic to the illustrations.